Once you've configured your repository to manage them, you will be able to create your first experiment in your experiment panel.

Name your experiment

Navigate to Experiments from the main menu (the test beaker icon). Here you will be prompted to enter the name for your first experiment.  

Name your variations

Next you'll be able to create new variations in this experiment. Your variations will be the different versions of the content that you will be comparing against each other.  

From the panel on the right, simply type the name of the new variation and press the enter key to create a new variation.

We cover how to add document changes to a variation here.

Select an objective 

Now you will need to choose an objective for the experiment. The objective will be the main statistic that you track to compare between the variations.

In the dropdown list, you will find a collection of predefined objectives that you can pick from. Select the one you want to track.

If the statistic you want to track is not on the list, you can create your own custom objective from your google analytics account. Once configured, it will appear in the dropdown list for you to select. You can see how to create a custom objective here.

Start the experiment

After selecting an objective, you can choose to start your experiment. 

If you have not added any document changes to your variations, you will not see any difference on your front-end.

You can discover how to add document changes to your variations here.

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