Prismic doesn't have API calls request limits. We only monitor CDN bandwidth usage (including API and asset delivery). The plans limits are the following: 

  • Starter: 100GB/month
  • Small: 100GB/month
  • Medium: 500GB/month
  • Unlimited: 500GB/month
  • Platinum: 1TB/month

If you are forecasted to go beyond the monthly limit, Prismic will reach out to you to discuss a custom quote.

The Free plan limit is tuned for really small, personal websites with low traffic or for testing purposes.

How to monitor your usage. 

We offer a clear picture of your number of API Call and of your bandwidth usage. To observe that you can navigate to your Dashboard in the Settings section. 

You will be able to have a view of the last 3 months of data usage with a day to day details of your CDN bandwidth.

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