Integration Fields are still in beta and will be progressively deployed to all repositories. This feature allows you to connect your Prismic repository to an external API. If you don't already have Integration Fields in your repository, don't hesitate to reach out on the community forum and send us a message to get it activated.

After adding an Integration Field to your Custom Type

This article assumes that you have already created an Integration Field and added it to your Custom Type. If you want to know more about Integration Fields in general, you can learn the basics of Integration Fields

Once an Integration Field is added to a custom type, you will be able to search and add data from your catalog or custom API directly into your prismic documents. 

The process is pretty simple. When editing a page, click on the Integration Field, and a panel with data from your API will be displayed. You will be able to search, find the correct entry, and click to add it to the document. 

Once you've saved and published your document, the data from the item that you selected in the Integration Field will be published in the API for that document.


Automatic Content Updating

If a change is made in your external API, prismic will automatically update the data to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date content.

The content refresh currently happens every 30 minutes, but this is likely to change in the future.

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