Archiving a document

If you no longer want a document to appear in your API, you can archive it. To do this, go to the edit page for the document you wish to remove, and click on the archive button.

This will remove the document from appearing in the API but it will remain in your repository in case you need to recover the document later.


Unarchiving a document

To unarchive a document, first go to the archive tab, then click on the document you wish to unarchive.

When you click on the document, you will have the option to publish it again. When published it will be removed from the archive and returned to the normal list of documents.


Deleting a document

To permanently delete a document from your repository you must first archive it. Then go to the archived tab and click on the document you wish to delete.

Then you will be given the option to completely delete the document.

This will permanently delete the document from your repository. Note that there will be no way to recover the document after doing this.

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