Releases and Preview concepts

Prismic allow content teams to group content changes into Content Releases. Developers can easily configure multiple Preview applications for a given Prismic repository (e.g., localhost, production, staging, etc.). The way Preview works with Prismic is detailed here.

By combining Releases and multiple Preview environments, content teams can easily preview a set of staged content into multiple environments:

This way Published (live) and WIP/planned content can live together within one unique Prismic repository.

In case of a major iteration on your application that impacts the content model (the existing custom types of your production Prismic repository), you need a separate Prismic environment to safely iterate with no risk of impacting production. Learn more about Multiple Prismic Environments.

Use case illustration

Let’s illustrate things with step-by-step flows corresponding to concrete user stories: 

As a developer, while integrating a set of new templates in the “dev” environment of our application, I want to be able to populate the future content into the Prismic repository we already use in Production, and test the front-end integration with content pulled from Prismic. 

  • Create the new custom types corresponding to the new templates
  • Make sure you have added the “dev” Preview site URL from settings/previews (e.g./ http://localhost:3000/preview)
  • Under the Planned tab of your Prismic repository, create a “New templates” release
  • From the “New templates” release view, create and fill in documents using the new custom types
  • You can now preview each content piece independently into your “dev” environment (just hit the Preview button from the document view)
  • You can also preview the whole release, the preview session will then include every content changes and additions staged into that particular release

As a developer, I want content editors to preview the “new templates” integration for approval before pushing things into Production

  • Deploy your code with the new templates in a staging environment (e.g.,
  • Make sure you have added the “Staging” Preview site URL from settings/previews (e.g./
  • Content editors can now preview a single document, or the whole release, into the Staging environment that you have deployed 

As a Content Manager, I want to validate the integration of the set of New Templates into our Staging environment

  • Go to the “New Templates” release 
  • Hit the “Preview in Staging” button
  • The Staging site opens in a browser tab and displays the set of new templates
  • Just browse the website to review the new templates staged in that particular release

As a developer, after getting green lights from the Content Manager, I want to merge my new templates code into production and publish the new content 

  • Push your code into production
  • Publish the “New templates” release!
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