For special formatting in your Rich Text content, you can add labels. Labels will wrap the selected content in a span element with the class of the given name. You can then add whatever CSS you need for that class.


Configure the Label

This is an advanced configuration that can currently only be set up in the JSON editor.

Here is an example of a Rich Text field that provides the label options “right-align” and "center-align":

"page-body": {
  "type": "StructuredText",
  "config": {
    "label": "Page Body",
    "placeholder": "Enter your text...",
    "labels": ["right-align", "center-align"]


Add the corresponding CSS to your website

Once you've configured the Rich Text field for your label(s), you will need to add the required CSS to your website application for the styles that you are looking for.

You may need help from your development team to do this.


Adding a label to your text

To add one of your labels to text, simply select the text, then apply the label from the Rich Text configurations.

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