If you have a Custom Type that you no longer need to have in your Custom Type list, you can disable or delete the type.

Disabling a Custom Type

You can disable a type from the Custom Type list screen. All you need to do is click on the "Disable" button for the type.

Once you've done this, the Custom Type will appear in the Disabled tab. You will no longer be able to create any more instances of this type, but all previous instances will remain in your document list.


Restoring a disabled Custom Type

To restore a previously disabled type, you can go to the Disabled tab and click the Restore button for that type.

The type will now appear with the "Active" Custom Types and you will once again be able to add new instances of the type.


Deleting a Custom Type

If you no longer need a Custom Type anymore, you can also completely delete it. To do so, you need to do the following:

  1. Delete all the instances of that type. Here is an article that explains how to delete a document.
  2. Disable the type as explained above in this article.

Once you've done this, go the Disabled tab of the Custom Type page and you will be able to click on the Delete button for that type.

Warning: this is a permanent action. You will not be able to recover a Custom Type after you have deleted it.

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