When trying to add another locale to your repository, might find that the locale you need doesn't exist in the list of options.

To handle this case, Prismic has added the ability to create your own locale. 

How to create a new custom locale

While searching for a locale on the list, if you type the code for a locale that doesn't exist, Prismic will offer you the choice to create a new one. 

Define the language

After clicking to create a custom locale, you will be asked to choose a language from the list or to create a new one. The Language is needed to index the content appropriately for our full-text search. If you create a new Language, the full-text search will use standard indexing

Define the region

After that, you will be able to select or create a region with the Region field.

Define the locale code

By selecting your language and locale from the autocomplete, the locale code will be automatically generated. If not, you will have to type your locale code manually. 

This locale code will be used in the API to get content from this custom locale. See our documentation on how to query content by language. 

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