Add a Tag

The tag bar allows you to add or remove tags on the current document. When a tag is added to a document it will be added to the tag autocomplete list that will appear for future documents. You can use the same tag on multiple document types.

Note: the bar is replaced by the "Formatting bar" when you're editing a Rich Text field.

Remove a Tag

To remove a tag from a document, you just need to click on the "x" button next to the tag.


Filter Documents by Tag

Once you've saved at least one document with one tag, you'll be able to filter your documents by tags. This will only show documents that have the tag(s) you've selected.


No Tag Management System

Prismic currently doesn't have any sort of tag management management system. This means that you need to be careful when adding tags to your documents because you can't delete or modify a tag after it's been created.

You'll need to note the following:

  • You can't permanently remove tags from the system, even if you remove a given tag from all documents.
  • You can't modify a tag after it's been created.
  • Tags are case sensitive.
  • Tags don't remove trailing spaces. So if you have a tag that appears to be identical to another, it is likely that one of the tags has a trailing space

If you need a tagging system with more control than the default tagging system, then it's recommended that you setup a custom tagging system as described in this article.

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