Queries to retrieve the API Master Ref

These are /api or /api/v2 queries performed to retrieve the API Master Ref that your application will need to retrieve the most up-to-date version of the API. These requests should not be cached to make sure the client application is retrieving the latest API Ref before each query. These requests are hitting Prismic's AWS facilities in the us-east region (Virginia). Observed response time for these queries is typically between 100ms and 350ms depending on the network connectivity and the location of the server performing the query.

Search queries

Search queries are queries that include search predicates (starting with /api/v2/documents/search? ).

Search queries are cached by Prismic's CDN (AWS Cloudfront). The first time a search query is performed, it will need transit to the us-east (Virginia) AWS facilities and then will be cached by the CDN. The observed response time for a non-cached search query (first time it's performed) is between 100ms and 350ms.

As soon as a search query is cached by the CDN, the response will be served from the Cloudfront nearest edge location. The average response time observed is 25ms which can still vary depending on the nature of the search request and the client network connectivity.

Important note: the response time displayed on the Prismic status page is an average response time for non-cached queries performed from different locations.

To get a more accurate answer to the response time question, we recommend that you perform your own tests on your end.

Let us know if you'd like more guidance on how to perform such tests so that they will be more representative of your production use. We hope to extend this guide at some to help you get a sense of the actual response time you'll be observing.

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