Renaming fields is not supported

If you ever rename the API ID of a field, The API will interpret this as deleting the initial field and creating a new one.

For instance, if you change a title API ID to new_title, you'll see a new field with the same configuration as the first one, but the data returned from the API will be empty. Content won't be migrated from the old field.

Recover lost data

You can recover data that was populated in a field that has been removed from a Custom type. To achieve this:

  • Add the old field back to your Custom Type: Use the exact same field type and API ID that was previously used.
  • Restore the version: If you made a publication after removing the field from the custom type, the data won't be shown on the document's editor UI of the published document but you can find it back in the version history of the given document. Just browse the history and "restore" and then publish the version that shows the data in the field you added back.
  • In case you didn't published: If you did not publish after removing the field, the data will be displayed on the latest published version of the document.
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