Use the release stage to check your import

When importing documents via the import module, documents are "staged" into a release before publication. We recommend to that release step to check the correctness of your import. At that stage, if something is wrong with your Import, you'll be able to archive the whole release (which will archive all the documents in it).

If you have published the Import release

For the time being, Prismic doesn't allow bulk actions or reverting (unpublishing) content published as part of a release.

However if you see a problem with imported documents after having published the release, you can use the Import module again to update the badly imported document. For this, you will use the document ID as the filename. To update documents en masse:

  • export your documents
  • apply your changes in the JSON files
  • reimport them (with same filename {document-id}.json)

It'll create a new version of the documents.

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