Pardot is a B2B Marketing Automation solution directly integrated into Salesforce. Pardot forms allows you to collect information about people visiting your site or landing page. See some training and documentation on configuring forms in Pardot.

If you need to display forms managed in Pardot on your website or landing pages managed with Prismic, you can embed the forms using the HTML iframe code:

  • Navigate to the form in Pardot
  • Select View HTML code from the dropdown
  • Copy the iframe code, and paste it into your Prismic document

For this kind of marketing use cases, we typically recommend to use Prismic Slices (reusable content components).

If you need to reuse the forms in many landing pages, then it makes sense to have a specific "Form" Custom type to input the form embed code. Then from the "Landing page" type, configure a Slice that holds a content relationship field. This way, marketers will be able to choose one of the forms directly from the Slice of the Landing page document they want to embed the form to.

This video illustrates the content editor workflow.

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