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If you have a repository with more than one user, you're probably already familiar with how user roles work. If you've used Prismic's Multi-language feature, you know that until now, every member of a repository could edit the content of every locale, no matter what user role they currently had.

This is why we are now presenting the new Roles per Locale feature, which we created in response to the need to have more control over user roles in multi-language repositories.

How to set the Roles per locale

After having the feature activated in your repository, go to Settings > Users, where you can already manage, invite, and modify user permissions, now you'll also be able to have more control of the locales they have access to which will allow you to grant or limit access to certain locales from the moment you send the invitation.

Everyone in the repository will be able to see all documents in all existing locales, what you'll be able to control is what locales each user can modify.

When editing the roles for a user, you'll be able to select one language at a time and then the roles you want that user to have.

After selecting the language, you can add more for the same user + Add a locale or just save it as it is and update the user. By default, the user will be able to have a viewer mode in all locales.

Details on roles

Let go over the details of each role:

  • Repository Owner: This role has access to all locales, and has the ability to modify all users' roles and permissions. They also have all the normal rights of a repository Admin and Owner.
  • Administrators: Have access to all locales, and are able to modify everyone's roles and permissions, as well as the regular Administrator permissions.
  • Contributors > Writers: Only have access to the locales that they have been granted access to. In those locales they can create, edit and add documents to a release. They can also visualize documents in locales which they don't have access to, they will see a notification at the bottom center of the screen indicating that they do not have access to edit or perform actions on that document. The only action they will be able to perform on the document is to copy it to another locale.
  • Contributors > Publishers Only have access to the locales that they have been granted access to. They have the same rights as the writers, and they can also publish documents for the locales they have access to.

ℹ️ Note for releases

Publishers won't be able to publish releases unless they have publisher rights for every single locale in the release. Only then they will be able to set the time & date of publication for a given content release or publish the release right away.

ℹ️ Note about feature activation

When we activate the feature for you for the first time, everyone who wasn’t an administrator will automatically become a Contributor and will only have viewer mode for all locales. You’ll need to assign each member the new roles per locale you want them to have.

And there you go, you can now start having more control over your repository's Translations & Locales.

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