The Group field is used to create a repeatable collection of fields. 

You can use this field to create, for example, an image gallery by setting up a repeatable group with an image and a caption.

The group field can also be configured so that it is not repeatable.



Assign the Group field a Field name that will display in the entry editor and an API ID. 

Using the JSON editor you can configure the group as either repeatable or not. By default a group is repeatable, it will allow content writers to add as many iterations of the group as they need.

To prevent a group from being repeatable, add the following configuration 

"repeat": false


JSON Editor

The following is the configuration for a repeatable group of external links with a label for each link:

"related_links" : {
  "type" : "Group",
  "config" : {
    "fields" : {
      "link_label" : {
        "type" : "Text",
        "config" : {
          "label" : "Link Label",
          "placeholder" : "Add a label for the link..."
      "link" : {
        "type" : "Link",
        "config" : {
          "label" : "Link",
          "placeholder" : "Add an external link"
    "label" : "Related Links"


JSON Reference 

"type": (string, required) Value must equal "Group"

"config": (object, required) Options listed below



"fields": (object, required) Define the fields in the group with their optional configuration. Set up each field as described in their respective references.

"label": (string, optional) Sets the label that shows up for the field in the entry editor

"repeat": (boolean, optional) Set to either true or false, used to configure the group as repeatable or not

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