Did you know that you can control the name for each document that appears on the document list page ?

By default the name on the document list page will be the first heading encountered in the document. If there are none, then it will use the first paragraph or Key Text field that it finds.

It is often necessary to override this default value to make the document list page easier to use and find the document you want to edit.


The “useAsTitle” configuration

To override the default name, go to the custom type you want to edit. Find the field you want to use as the name, and add the following configuration to the field in the JSON editor:

"useAsTitle" : true

This configuration is most often used with UID, Rich Text, and Key Text fields, but also works with the Date, Timestamp, Color, Number, Select, and Embed and fields. 



Here’s an example of how to make a Key Text field the document name that displays on the document list page.

"title" : {
  "type" : "Text",
  "config" : {
    "label" : "Document Title",
    "useAsTitle" : true
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