Once your preview is set up, you will be able to preview changes in your documents.

From the document edit page, click on the preview button (the eye icon in the top-right) and a new tab will open taking you to the preview session.

You might have more than one preview environment configured for your repository. If this is the case, when you click on the preview button, a dropdown will appear for you to select the environment/site you wish to preview the document on.

You can tell when you are in the preview mode because the preview toolbar will appear at the bottom-left corner of your web page. This will include the name of the document or release that you are currently previewing.

If you find you need to make more changes, then go back to your document, make the changes, and click on the preview button again.

If your preview is implemented correctly, you should be taken directly to the correct page when you click the preview button. If not, you can still browse your website to the page you are editing and you will be able to see your changes there.

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