Once your changes are all collected into a release, you are able to view your website or app exactly as it will look when the release is published live. 

The preview feature

The preview functionality is included out-of-the-box for every sample project provided by Prismic, but it still needs to be configured by an administrator for each repository.

When it has been configured, you will be able to preview and browse the future of your website.

View the release preview

To see the preview of your release, you can click on the preview button. When viewing the release, you should see the preview button on the panel on the right.

You might have multiple buttons, one for every preview environment that has been configured.

When you click to preview the release, a new tab will open showing what your website will look like with all the changes that you've included in the release.

When viewing your site, you can see that you're in the preview mode thanks to the Prismic preview toolbar that appears on the bottom-left of the page. The name of the release you are previewing will be displayed.

View a list of changes

You can click to expand the toolbar and a panel with all the documents in the release will appear. You can click on any of these documents to be redirected to the corresponding page.

Once you want to end your preview session, you can click on the X on the preview toolbar. This will end the release preview and you will see the current live version of the site.

WARNING: Releases are limited at 200 docs per release. After 200, clicking 'Publish' will cause the request to timeout.

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