You can add metadata to any type of media asset: pdf, images, videos, gifs, etc. Every file has the ability to have the following added to it:

  • Alternative text
  • Copyright
  • Private notes

To help you organize and find your files more easily, we recommend you add Private notes. These notes will serve as tags that will help you search for documents in the search bar ar the top level of the Media Library.

Adding alt text to an image

Adding alt text to your images improves your website's SEO and makes your images easier to search for in the media library.

There are two different methods to add alt text to images:

  1. In the individual alt field of each image: When an image is added to a document you can directly modify the alt field just below the image. If you have the same image across multiple documents or multiple locales this allows you to add unique alt tags for each instance of the image. NOTE: This method won't work if the Image is added inside a Rich Text field, for this case use the 2nd method below.
  2. In the Media library: When you add an image to the Media library you can add default alt text for it. If you have the same image across multiple documents or multiple locales this value will be shared between all instances.

Read more details about adding alt text to your images.

NOTE: When you edit the default alt text of an image in the Media Library that was already attached to a document, you will need to remove that image and add it again to see the change. Then you need to save & publish the document in order for the updated alt text to appear on the document in the API.

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