Adding alt text to an image

You can add alt text to your images for better SEO and to make your images easier to search for in the media library. 

When in the media library, click on an image and you will be taken to the image edit screen. Here you will be able to add Alternative text, Copyright text, or Private notes.

Adding text will automatically save it text to the specific field.

When you edit the alt text of an image that was already attached to a document, you will need to remove that image and add it again. Then you need to save & publish the document in order for the updated alt text to appear on the document in the API.  


Adding metadata to an asset

You can add this same type of metadata to any type of media asset. Every file has the ability to have the following added to it:  

  • Alternative text 
  • Copyright
  • Private notes


Organizing your assets

You can search through your assets based on the content that you entered in these three sections. To help you organize and find your files more easily, we recommend you to add tags to your Private notes to make the files easy to find.

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