Every repository on Prismic has its own media library. You can access the media library from the main navigation by clicking on the paperclip icon.

The media library supports many different file types including images, sounds files, videos, pdfs, and more.

Maximum file size

The maximum file size allowed depends on the file type.

  • The maximum image size is 10Mb
  • The maximum size for any other file type is 100Mb

Uploading new media assets

You can upload new media assets by clicking on the upload button and selecting the file or by dragging and dropping the asset(s) directly onto this button.

Aside from being available from the main navigation, your media library will also be accessible directly in your documents when you click to edit an image or a media link.

Video hosting

When it comes to videos, we recommend that you host them through a specialized service such as YouTube or Vimeo. These services offers video compression support and both provide an excellent video player.

Doing this, you can easily add your videos to your Prismic documents by using the Embed field. It allows you to paste the url from your Vimeo or YouTube video and display the embeded video player on your page.

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