For every Rich Text field, the repository administrator will define the available options. This includes:

  • Which kind of text blocks will be available (headings, paragraph, list, etc.)
  • Whether you're allowed to use multiple text blocks or are limited to just one
  • Which formatting options will be available (bold, italic, etc.)
  • Which other items you can add to your field (images, links, embeds, etc.)

For the following description we will describe a Rich Text field with all options activated. 

Formatting options

There are two types of formatting options

Block formatting

For a whole block of text, you can define what type of block it is. That is, you select if you want the block to be a heading, paragraph, list, or another block type.

The gif below shows how you can change the block formatting for blocks of text.   

Text formatting

The rich text editor also allows you to add formatting element to selected characters or words. This includes formatting such as bold, italic, & links. 

To do this, select the word or words and apply the formatting option as shown in the gif below. 

Add an embed to your Rich Text

You can add an embed to your Rich Text field by clicking on the embed icon. This will open a popup asking you to copy your embed link. If the URL you provide is a valid oEmbed link, the embed will be placed in your content.

You can also add links to your Rich Text. Select your text and click on the hyperlink button. You will then be prompted to select and add your link. You can find a description of links here.

Add images

You can add an image to your Rich Text field by clicking the image icon. You will then be able to select an image from your media library or upload a new one.

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