The content interface is the main screen of your writing room. Here you will find all the content documents that you've created in this repository.

This screen is divided in three tabs that help you navigate your content and manage your publications.

Content tabs

In the writing room, you will see that your content is divided in 3 main tabs. 

  1. The "Work" tab contains all your draft and published documents.
  2. The "Planned" tab contains all your Releases (Workspaces) and planned publications.
  3. The "Archived" tab contains all the documents that you have archived.

Content status

For every document you can easily check its status by looking at its icon. Here is a handy guide that shows you what the different symbols and colors mean.

Your content

All pieces of content are listed in your tabs. Every piece of content is called a document in Prismic. For each document you will see the following data. 

You will find the document's display name, the custom type for this document, the last modification date, and the author. 

You can find how to define the display name in your custom type here.

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