To edit a document, you just have to click on the item in the document list. 

Once you're viewing the document, two things can happen:

  • If it's a draft or a document inside a release, then it will open in edit-mode and you you will be able to change whatever you want.
  • If it is not a draft (for instance, it is "live" or "archived"), then you will need to click on the new draft button (a pencil icon) at the top right before editing anything. Alternatively, you can click directly on any field that you want to edit, and this will create a new draft version and take you into edit-mode.

Add tags

The tag bar allows you to add or remove tags on the current document. When a tag is added to a document it will be added to the tag autocomplete list that will appear for future documents. You can use the same tag on multiple document types.

Note: the bar is replaced by the "Formatting bar" when you're editing a Rich Text field.

A document can be divided in multiple sections using tabs. The tabs will appear above the content fields and can help organize your content fields.

You can navigate between tabs by clicking on the name of the tab you wish to see.

You can find how to change text content, images, and simple fields in  the following articles.

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