The Embed field

The Embed field allows you to import embeded video players, slideshows, etc. from another website or app. Some websites are compatible with the oEmbed format, helping other apps to embed them: like Youtube, Slideshare, Vimeo, Flickr, and more.

Add an embed

To add an embed element, you can simply paste the URL of the resource you wish to embed. If the resource is not compatible with oEmbed, an error message will display. If this happens, you can easily use third-party tools (such as Noembed) to ensure that it will work.

Let's say that I want to add a YouTube video inside my blogpost in Prismic. I just need to copy the url of the video and paste it into my Embed field. That's it! 

You can also add an embed into a Rich Text field. Just click on the embed icon and a popup will appear where you can add the url of the embed.

Remove or change an Embed

To remove an embed url, you can click on the X at the right of the embed field. After you've removed the url, you can add a new one to replace it.

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