You can add changes to a release through the document view. You can for example:

  • Edit a document and add the changes to a release
  • Create a new document to be published in a release
  • Unpublish a document in a release

Adding an edited document to a release

Once you have made the changes to your existing document, make sure to save it. Then click on the "Publish" button at the top right. 

If you click on the box that says "Publish it now," a dropdown will appear, and you can select "Publish it during a release..." 

You can then select the release you wish it into or to create a new release.

Adding a new document to a release

Adding a newly created document works the same way as adding an existing document. After you have created the document and filled it in with content, you just need to save it and you will be able to add it to a release the same as described above. 

Create a new document directly from the release

Once a release is created you can also create a new document directly into a release. From the "Planned" tab, selecting the release on the planned dropdown and click on the "New" button.

The new document will automatically be added to the release.

Unpublish a document during a release

You can also plan to unpublish a document during a release. From the document view, you can click on the "Unpublish" button in the top-right and choose the "Unpublish it during a release..." option.

You will then be able to choose an existing release or to create a new one.

Publish at a specific date & time

When you choose to publish or unpublish a document at a specific date & time, will automatically create a new release at the date that you've defined. 

Note that the date & time are based on your local timezone. Another editor in a different timezone will see a different date & time.

WARNING: Releases are limited at 200 docs per release. After 200, clicking 'Publish' will cause the request to timeout.

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