Let's say that you want to create a new document that is published on June 1st in a specific release. 

Then you want to display a special banner in this document afterward starting on June 4th to be part of a different release. 

This is not a problem in prismic.io. 

Create a new document version in a different release

Navigate to the document in the first release.

To add this document to a different release, click on the icon of three vertical dots that is next to the "Publish" button. Then select "Create a new version in another release..."

This will allow you to select another release or create a new one.

Once you've added the document to a different release, you will be able to make changes and modify it as needed for the second release.

WARNING: Releases are limited at 200 docs per release. After 200, clicking 'Publish' will cause the request to timeout.

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