If your plan allows it, you can invite other users to your repository. 

Add a new user

To send an invite, type the email of the user that you want to invite and click "Send invite".

This user will receive an invitation email with a link to sign up for prismic.io

Pending Invitations

Before a new user accepts their invitation, the user will appear on the pending member list. 

A pending invitation is counted as one of your users in your pricing plan. 

You can cancel an invite by clicking on the cancel button in the pending invitation list.

Setting a user's role

If you have user roles included in your pricing plan, you will be able to set the role for new user as soon as they accept their invite. All new users will be given the role of "Writer" by default.

If you do not have users roles on your repository, all users will be given the "Administrator" role.

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