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Aside from being able to access your media library from the main navigation, you can also access it directly from a document. 

Upload Media files

You can upload new media assets by clicking on the 'Upload media' button and selecting the file or by dragging and dropping the file directly onto the Media Library.

Search and browse your media

You can use the search bar in the top-right of the media library to quickly find a particular media asset. This will search your library based on the name of the files and the metadata on your assets. We recommend you to add Private notes to make the files easy to find.

You can also filter the media assets by type. You can select: Everything, Images or Documents.

NOTE: Partial searches are not yet supported, so make sure you're searching with full words.

Accessing the library through a document

When you're editing a document and you click in an empty Image or Link field you will be redirected to the media library. Once there you'll be able to:

  • Select or link a new image
  • Change the metadata of an asset

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